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  • Three Years on WordPress!!!

    Three Years on WordPress!!!

    ASnowpasta Chronicles turns 3 today!!!! My, my where did the time go? I never thought that in a million years I would be this dedicated to anything like this in my life. I have poured so much time and energy into this site and it never gets old. And yet, the truth is this is […]

  • Nameless Dreamer

    Nameless Dreamer

                   The moment her eyes opened the new world, she knew that nothing would ever be the same. Her icy blue eyes couldn’t absorb everything around her. A sky full of color that stretched on for what seemed forever, reflective waters as far as the eye can see, one […]

  • It’s Official!

    The Art, Commissions, and More page is officially up! I am now taking requests for my artwork! Feel free to check it out at any time! Note: Etsy store coming soon!

  • My Last 4 Creations- (Creature Feature- show this artist some love!!!)

    My last 4 creations (20 october 2017): Which one do you prefer ? Earth and sky _ ALOZADE Ahmed Theater of the demons _ ALOZADE Ahmed Heat and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed Fire and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed via My last 4 creations: ..Which one do you prefer ? — paintdigi Show this wonderful artist some […]

  • The Spirit in Blue

    The Spirit in Blue

    I have lost track of all the days I have wandered aimlessly, eyes drained of tears and body depleted of energy. My heart tells me to keep going, but my mind tells me to back down, give up. The dreams of the fallen have shattered in front of my eyes. Like their dreams, my heart […]

  • Sculptures not very famous (14):.. Southeast Baltic countries — paintdigi (share)

    ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous (14) I HAVE SOUGHT, IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES, ARTISTIC BEAUTIES, NOT VERY CELEBRATED; THIS IS WHAT I FOUND FOR YOU: Southeast Baltic countries a) ESTONIA : KISSING STUDENTS SCULPTURE IN TARTU Source: A memorial to the imaginary conversation between Oscar Wilde and Estonian writer Eduard […]

  • Untitled Works- 3/17/2017

    Untitled. by Alex Snow 3/17/17 Media: Graphite & sharpies (Inspired by Preacher Six project)

  • Random Practice Sketches- Spring 2017

    Untitled work. Spring 2017 by Alex snow Media- Graphite, Sharpies, Micropens, Charcoal, Colored Pencils. Description- These are just a few practice drawings I have made within the past few months.

  • Preacher Six (Final Version, Creepyku)

    God’s plan will be done. Evil will writhe and perish. I’m the chosen one.   Support Preacher Six! Share, Like, Donate, and or Support the cause! (Preacher Six poems: Original, Version 2, Version 3)

  • Preacher 6 poem (Version 3)

    Traditional religion is dead. A divine awakening is upon us all! I have been summoned to serve God. I shall terminate the malevolent for I am his anointed servant. If blood must be spilt, then let it spill infinitely. If the tainted souls of Satan must perish, then let their corpses writhe and fall. Open the gates […]