Art & Commissions

As of March 2021 I am now taking commissions! I can make profile pics, logos, banners for profiles, pages, portraits, etc, you name it! Not to mention jewelry and other cool spiritual stuff. I can do just about anything SFW (Safe For Work) and NSFW (within reason, gore and horror don’t count) (Not Safe For Work). (SFW and NSFW Disclaimer)

I use: acrylic, gouache, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils, colored pens, paint pens, sharpies, charcoal, graphite, conte crayon, vine, and any variation of multimedia if desired.

                        For more information on what I’m offering whether it be prices, or if you are interested in wanting something made, please feel free to send me a message on Twitter or Instagram

Contact Info:

Twitter: @ASnowpasta

Instagram: ASnowpasta/Alex.Snow

            (Payments for commissions) Also, any extra support is very much appreciated                    —> Paypal: