Haunted Town- Journal Entry 2

(Disclaimer- This is a Little Hope Fan Fiction. For those that haven’t played the game or don’t want to see any potential spoilers, turn around now. However, things in this story will be different from the original story in a lot of ways. Like the game. Some of the choices that you make will affect the story. This won’t happen for another chapter as you’re getting to know the people in this story. Credit belongs to Dark Pictures Anthology!! I hope you enjoy!)

This fog is completely out of control. I swear I can hear footsteps, laughter, and moaning in the woods surrounding us. Is this like Silent Hill or what? One of my favorite video games by the way. That’s not important, what is important, is that we have to get out of here.

“Hey Andrew, what are you doing on your phone?”

“This is my virtual diary! I know it looks weird that I’m talking to my phone or texting, but I’m taking down everything that happens to us just in case.”

“Ah, I gotcha. Smart move. I thought you were calling for help, but then I realized there’s no service out here.”

“I really, really wish there was.”

John and I always felt close. Call me a teacher’s pet, but this is my second semester with him. I’m always the first one to answer a question or to do a presentation when given the opportunity. He’s like a Dad to me I guess. My Dad was never truly present in my life, drinking his life away, until he got so… *sighs* drunk that he got into a wreck and died. My mom was present, but at the same time a workaholic. It was just me and my baby sister. She’s 16 now and my mom still does the same thing. I’m out on my own, got out of the chaos as soon as I graduated.

I’m still getting way ahead of myself. I guess this crash has made me think about things so near and dear to me. Anyway I’m glad that I myself, Angela, John, Daniel, and Taylor are okay. We don’t know where the bus driver is though. We hope he’s okay, possibly already into town and getting some help.

“Look! Up ahead. I see an old building up ahead past this fog. It’s hard to see, but it’s there.” I said to the others.

“Well, it’s worth a try, right?” Angela said.

“Maybe they have a working phone or something that can help us get out of here.” John said with a light ray of hope.

They go up to the building and they push the door open to see a man sitting at the bar. I saw one older gentleman there with what looked like clothes from another time, walking out the back door.

“Did you just see that???” Taylor exclaimed.

“What the fucking hell was that???” Daniel yelled.

“See what?” The man at the bar asked as he took a shot of some old whiskey.


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