SFW & NSFW Disclaimer

dont do it!

Here is a quick disclaimer on my artwork in relation for SFW (Safe for work) and NSFW (Not safe for work): there are a few ground rules that I have set in order for any request I will get:

Here are the themes that I am totally fine with using in my art:

SFW Themes: Special Causes such as: Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, Cancer (any and every form of cancer), Diabetes, Heart Disease, Disaster Relief, Animal Welfare, Drug Addiction Awareness, etc., Portraits of people, places, or things, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Logos, profile pictures, and or banners for social media or websites, etc.

NSFW Themes that are okay: Horror, Oddities, Paranormal, and Creepypastas.

Here are themes that I WILL NOT use under any kind of circumstance.

Themes that ARE NOT OKAY: Anything Derogatory in nature, bullying/targeting a certain individual, organization, group, race, religious affiliation, and or gender, pornography, murder, rape, abuse, drugs, exploiting others, harming wildlife or the environment, politics, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me:

Twitter: @ASnowpasta

Email: Alexsnow1111@gmail.com