Let Me Out


I’m stuck. Not just simply stuck.

How did I get this way?

I’m –> Struggling-Tattered-Unbearably-Clutching onto-Kindness

What else can I do? What else should I do?

I’m trapped within myself, trapped within you, trapped within them.

Don’t pity me, I don’t pity me. Can you help me?

Tied, caged, coraled, glued, pasted, chained, gated, drowning….

What does it feel like to feel free?


Dream Journal- Aokigahara Forest Dream

Disclaimer: This is NOT a fictional story, nor a creepypasta, poetry, or anything of the like. The content in this post is just any typical dream journal post. Some parts to this post may be disturbing or unsettling to others. For readers who are easily disturbed or are faint at heart, please close out of this page and go to another one. All content originates from a dream from last night.


I never truly thought I would have a dream about this place and the reason being is something I still question myself on. Maybe I’ll question it for the rest of my life, I truly don’t know.

I dreamt that I was on my way to a vacation with my friends (from whom I do not know in real life) from school (college) and a few chaperones. We traveled from bus, to airport, to bus again. It was an extremely long day for us, but we were excited. We were up at around 5-6 am to reach this place. A few kind people, Japanese I believe, were the ones who took us to our destination and they also gave us a grand tour of the whole place.

When the bus dropped us off at our destination, we were taken aback by its beauty. The unit that we were staying in sat upon a massive hill which overlooked this massive valley. It was leveled similarly like the Grand Canyon, but with much more greenery. It stretched in a half ‘S’ manner and a large body of water could be seen at the bottom of it. Going inside the unit took us aback almost as much as our destination. We were surrounded by much greenery, some of which I really couldn’t recognize. The greenery covered the view of the far left corner of the building and the front led to a small open space for us to hang out outside. This place was massive! 3 1/2 bathrooms, 8+ rooms, a massive two-part kitchen, and a massive living room area. The thing that was odd was that the kitchen and one of the bathrooms sat not too far in front of the entrance. By the kitchen was a massive glass double door entrance to outside. The unit was very modernized with white tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, spotless black and white furniture, then down the hall on the left were all the entrances to our bedrooms. They stretched on forever and the end of the hall made a right turn, where I don’t know, I didn’t really spend much time in this part of the house. It reminded me of a hotel with maroon shaded doors, mocha colored walls, and small twinkling lights around the doors and ceiling.

The people showing us around politely said their goodbyes and gave us resources and phone numbers in case if there was any trouble. Our chaperones left and said they would be back within about a week or so to come pick us up and take us home. There were at least 10-12 of us. 3-4 girls including myself and 8 guys. Everyone went off in different directions to check things out. Some checked out the rooms, the living room, the kitchen, and some went outside to take everything in. I decided to go outside and get fresh air from traveling. I step outside and felt something was off.

A gentle breeze blew past me and I felt whispers touch my ears and skin that peaked my curiosity. I walked a few hundred meters and found this heavily overgrown entrance to a forest. It was so very dark in there, you could barely see a thing. I stepped a little bit closer to the entrance and felt even weirder. I saw dolls and limbs hanging from the trees, some looked like bodies to me, but I couldn’t tell. On the ground were a few stray, colorful blocks that looked appealing to touch. I could hear a voice trying to coerce me into going inside for if I were to make a wish, it would be granted with a price. Other voices told me that this was The Aokigahara forest and that people died here, some tried to dare me to go in. Others told me to stay away from this forest and to leave the area immediately. One of my classmates, a tall, mid-built man, dark hair, grey eyes, white t-shirt and faded jeans, came up to me and snapped me out of it. Silence. I got a flashback, probably not my own, of someone pointing out this entrance to me and begging me to go in. Others started to come and take a look at the entrance. I immediately walked away, knowing that it was a terrible place to be.

I walked away with my arms crossed feeling shivers go up and down my spine. I just desperately needed to get away. I went into my room, read some magazines, played on my phone, then went to sleep for about 4 hours or so. I woke up and it was dark. I saw some of my friends were eating around a bonfire and told me to join in. They asked me if I was okay, and I said I was fine. We were sitting a little too close for comfort by the entrance of the forest. Everyone was telling ghost stories when one person talked about the forest and its history. I found out that a couple of my classmates went in and around the forest to check it out. We were waiting for them to come out as I heard two of the three who came in ran out. One of them tried to scare us and they joked around, while the other, just about as energetic, seemed off…

Nothing happened until I woke up in the early morning and found that something was off. One of my friends was soaking in the front bathroom in his swimming suit. Arms and legs were outstretched across the glass bath. It was filled with hot, noxious, disgusting water that looked like it came from a mossy lake. He looked exhausted, almost sick like. No, he was sick. I and another person came up to him and were shocked by his state of being. He was covered in this green, red, brown, and black slimy substance. His skin was warm, sickly, slick. His eyes were blood-red with his pupils looking normally. They weren’t bloodshot, but they were completely red. When he spoke he didn’t even sound human. It was a deep almost whisper that kind of sounded like his voice. From his sides webbed shards started to split his skin open and he wailed in pain. The other girl ran out of the bathroom and others tried to see what was wrong. The thing that was once my friend moved faster than the speed of light. My god its screams haunted me.

Things went downhill from here as I watched my friends being torn apart from old ghosts. Within three days, three people went missing, either ran off or were dead. Others became plagued by these entities. All of them had the red in their eyes and the slick skin. Two of them turned into these malevolent beings who literally feasted upon one another. Whenever they had intercourse, parts of them would be missing. Dry patches of blood, muscle, and bone would be present at each part of which was missing. They had pale skin, red eyes, black-grey hair, deep voices, and they spoke in such a dark, cocky, malevolent manner. Hubris beasts. They could care less about me, but they spoke to me.

For some reason for the most part they left me alone, with the exception of the very last two who were still alive. I myself, one girl, and one guy who had yet to be attacked by the forest, yet suffering from injuries were the only ones left. I at one point got stuck in one of the bathrooms because of another entity that came in from the outside. It was a man wearing an overcoat, hat, and heavy boots that came and claimed he had ‘business related’ things he needed to do. As I hid in the bathroom, cowering in fear from the unworldly noises I hear from outside the door, I heard my phone ring. I got a call from the one girl and the other guy that they got out of the house and that they were looking for help. I felt a sense of relief. My phone rang again and it was my dad. He was here to take me home. I climbed out of the small bathroom window and found myself in a completely different place.

I was at the parking lot of the college campus. The bus sat in the middle of the parking lot that was midst of the sunrise. My dad was looking at me impatiently and had no idea what I was talking about with the forest and my friends. He told me that he could either take me home or go on the trip. I was beyond frightened at this point. I decided that I wanted to go home. He and I got into his truck and as we closed the door, the ungodly wails, cries, moans, and roars appeared once again. The truck shook as they scratched, nipped, and clawed at the truck. My dad seemed serious for whatever reason, but still had no idea what was going on. I said to myself that it wasn’t over. I saw the opening to the window again and climbed through it. I ended up back in the unit where it was nighttime. The unit was deserted. I walked into the kitchen where the glass doors were, and I could hear chanting outside… I knew I was getting ready to face evil at its worst. Again there was the bonfire. There as a tall podium at the front of it and humanoid like creatures that looked like my friends were there. They worshipped the forest and laughed manaically. I stood up to them and went up to the podium where the leader welcomed me. I said that enough was enough and it was time to end this nightmare. I spoke words that seemed to have magic behind them, because the beings around me raved and wailed in pain, trying to cover their ears. The humanoids dissolved back into all of my friends. Some still had injuries while others seemed untouched. The fire began to die down and the screams went away.

We were congratulated and were told we could be granted 5 wishes. I took charge and spun the blocks on the ground which caused the hanging dolls and bodies to spin and go inward. The entrance of the forest shrank back so far that you would only barely see it. It was now morning and the sun was high in the sky. Everything seemed to be going back to normal, with the exception of the one who was in the bathtub previously was on the grass, still transfixed in the form he took when the webbed shards stabbed through his sides. After that I was awake. Away from that terrible nightmare.

I have no idea if this dream is my mind’s way of processing things going on in regards to the issue of this forest or maybe hearing so much about it that it was bound to appear in my dreams. What I do know that in reality it is not a good place to be.

Support one another, love one another. Help each other. There is always something to live for. Stay away from things that do harm to you nor serve your life’s purpose.


Thanatic Tomb Waltzer


Like everything in this realm and many others, there is always a dark side.

The Grave Dancer has a shadow companion, one which she cannot see, feel, or hear.

Her name is Thanatos, the Thanatic Tomb Waltzer. Unlike The Grave Dancer, she died in anger, pain, and sorrow.

Thanatos died down the street from her very own home. A massive pileup happened in the middle of the road, causing six cars to spiral out of control, slamming Thanatos into another building. The wall made of glass gaveway to the force of the car and sank Thanatos into shards of glass and wood. Thanatos was pronounced dead at the scene. Many others passed away from that crash as well.

The two were once biological twins when they were both still alive. Both loved to sing and dance with one another. The two beings exist on different planes of reality, due to the nature of their deaths and the spirits that they hold within.

Like The Grave Dancer, Thanatos was a name given to her.

Thanatos would only be present in places reeking of death and sorrow.

Cemeteries, broken tombs, old decrepid resting places, even unmarked graves.

Thanatos didn’t just dance like The Grave Dancer, she would dance slowly with a gentle waltz, to an uncontrollable wild dance that is forever unknown.

The Grave Dancer would hum, sing, and laugh, whereas Thanatos would cry, scream, and wail.

She was not a kind hearted spirit like The Grave Dancer. She tormented the dead with her screaming and crying. Sometimes she would dance upon the graves, creating more noise than anything else.

For the spirits that tried to stop her, she would send her ravens to chew them out.

She would cackle at the spirits who suffered from her terror. She laughed at spirits who felt endless pain and sorrow. She even would join in if she felt like the situation warranted it.

Despite the fact that The Grave Dancer and her dog are as happy as can be, she still wonders what has happened to her dear sister.

One day… that all changed.



SFW & NSFW Disclaimer

dont do it!

Here is a quick disclaimer on my artwork in relation for SFW (Safe for work) and NSFW (Not safe for work): there are a few ground rules that I have set in order for any request I will get:

Here are the themes that I am totally fine with using in my art:

SFW Themes: Special Causes such as: Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, Cancer (any and every form of cancer), Diabetes, Heart Disease, Disaster Relief, Animal Welfare, Drug Addiction Awareness, etc., Portraits of people, places, or things, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Logos, profile pictures, and or banners for social media or websites, etc.

NSFW Themes that are okay: Horror, Oddities, Paranormal, and Creepypastas.

Here are themes that I WILL NOT use under any kind of circumstance.

Themes that ARE NOT OKAY: Anything Derogatory in nature, bullying/targeting a certain individual, organization, group, race, religious affiliation, and or gender, pornography, murder, rape, abuse, drugs, exploiting others, harming wildlife or the environment, politics, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me:

Twitter: @ASnowpasta

Email: [email protected]


The Science of Smiling



If you are looking for a reason to smile, then you’re in the right place! The truth is, life is never easy. Problems and obstacles from everyday life to pure crisis can hit us like a ton of bricks at any moment in time. However, there is always a reason to laugh and there is always a reason to smile. Here’s a few nifty facts about smiling:





Smiling is good for you inside and out! So don’t forget to smile! =) Also, if you find this stuff interesting, then you might be interested in The Benefits of Laughter






Don’t fret about today.

Things happen the way they are meant to.

Tomorrow you will be reborn. 

A chance for a new and fresh start.

Don’t stress about the past.

It no longer exists.

It can’t hurt you.

Don’t worry about the future.

You can’t control everything that has yet to happen.

The present is right where you need to be.

It’s not only a moment in time, it’s also a feeling and state of being.

It’s feeling and being at one with your heart and soul.