Tainted eyes,,,

Everything hurts when I blink.

Everyone runs away from me.

Teeth for eyes.

Hell burns within me.

Turmoil writhes inside my heart.

Existence with these eyes is impossible.

Everything looks white to me.

Tainted teeth…

Hunger is a word with no meaning.

Tattered, tethered, and torn apart.

Everything has got to be put to an end.

Ending this life is not an option.

Tied by the belief of sheer luck.

Hell burns within me.




Creepy is the word.

How do you feel about this?

Aren’t they beautiful?

The Bun Clan is lovable.

They will never leave.

They are very loyal too.

You cannot escape the clan.

They will follow you.

Creepy equals love.

Love is pure madness, you know.

They love all people.

You will be one of them soon.

There is room for more.




I’m trapped within you.

I feel trapped within myself.

I’m made of glass eyes.

They really do hurt sometimes.

I can hear banging.

I can feel hands inside of me.

Dear god stop these hands.

Please, they hurt my eyes.

I can hear them screaming too.

They are hurting me.

Will someone please make it stop?