When Will It Happen?

dab9f7b1f5faa306c9b90fcfe1c91fa3--life-and-death-grim-reaper When will it happen?

When should I expect it to happen?

When am I going to hear back from you, doctor?

When will I be free from this room?

When will I be free from six years of confinement?

When will I see the sun?

When will I feel the rain gently kiss my cheeks?

When will you tell me the reason why I’m in here doctor?

When will I know what I did wrong?

When will I know how I got these bruises and scrapes all over my body?

When will I know where all of this blood came from?

When will I have my knife set back, doctor?

When will I know who the person laying in a pool of blood is?

Is it you?


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2 thoughts on “When Will It Happen?

  1. I like this. It sounds like a patient with schizophrenia. Not sure if that was the point, but that’s what I got out of it. I like the deep, dark, emotion that’s bleeding out mercy from the patient’s thoughts. The patient could actually be happy to find that indeed it’s the doctor in the pool of blood, only for the sake of revenge for his tormenting treatments. On the other hand the patient could be in deep distraught knowing there is no one to save him from his circumstances.

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    1. I’m so glad you like it! I like to leave a hint to the reader on maybe what it could be, but I also allow the reader to take in the story and figure out what it all means to themselves. The theme of psychological horror has always been my favorite thing to write about. Maybe the patient is delusional, or maybe they were traumatized to the point where they can’t handle reality, or maybe its a bit of both! 😉


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