Creature Feature- Nico Wonderdust

tgsF10eg_400x400 Nico Wonderdust: Is a British Creepypasta and Horror story based writer and narrator who posts new videos every Monday on Youtube. His areas of focus are Creepypastas, Disney, Ritual, and True Horror stories. His Youtube channel has been around for a little over 10 months and has already obtained over 26,000 views and 662+ subscribers.

Please show Nico Wonderdust some love and support him on his journey! Help him continue to create excellent narrations and horror stories. 


You can find Nico on:






3 responses to “Creature Feature- Nico Wonderdust”

  1. Thank you very much for your support, this truly means a lot! (You did, however, spell my name wrong *Nico – but it’s no big deal! Funnily enough, usually it’s Wonderdust people spell wrong, so kudos for getting that right!)

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      • Thank you very much, your support genuinely means a lot to me! Ah don’t worry about, we all make typos, you should see my first draft of Dimensional Jumping 😉


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