Who decided that this was a good idea?


I’m on the road once again and it is cold, late, dark, and it is far too quiet out here’, I thought to myself as I sat in my car, listening to my best buds messing around in the back seat. All six of us (I’m Mike by the way), Joey, Jeff, Sandra, Jen, and Nick were all heading back from a good night out so we could go home and go to bed. We all live together in the same housing unit nearby our school, Penn State University.

Surprisingly, I’m not the one who’s driving tonight. Joey took the wheel because I started to feel very tired from pulling an all nighter and didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it, and normally I really don’t let others get behind the wheel of my car unless if it’s absolutely necessary.

“Hey, buddy! Just relax for a bit, there’s not a single thing you need to worry about.” Joey consoled me and put his hand on my left shoulder for a brief moment. I have always loved my friends, we’ve been such a great team since growing up. I could always depend on them if anything in my life was going awry.

“Yeah, I know. Thank you so much for driving Joey, I really do appreciate it.” I sighed.

“No problemo! You just gotta lay off some of the coffee and books and just chill with your best buds” As soon as he said that, something just felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I could feel it in my gut, and no it wasn’t from the chili-cheese fries I had earlier.

“Joey, are you sure you’re going the right way you knuckle head?” snorted Jeff.

“Yes I’m positively sure! I used to go this way all the time with my mom and dad to see my Grandad and Nana whenever we wanted to avoid busy streets and freeways. And the best part is, even though it’s a little bit more of a drive to campus compared to taking the freeway,  it’s actually the fastest way to get there than any other road in town!”

“No way! How come you never told us about this road?” Nick shouted.

“I never really thought it was important. Also, there is a history behind this old road that tends to keep some people away from it.” Joey shrugged.

“Is that why it looks so dead outside?” Jen cackled.

“Nah, it’s most likely because of poor visibility. My Dad and I used to go hunting out here all the time when I was a kid and he told me to avoid this road at all costs at night because there being a lack of visibility and critters tend to run around, thus causing accidents. Unfortunately the poor visibility has led to numerous car accidents, especially in the winter time.” Joey explained this as if he memorized it off a script, it was strange. Truthfully I really tried to suppress these feelings I got as to not weird out my friends, or myself for that matter.

“Ew!”, Jen squealed. Everyone else snickered quitely as Jen’s disgust. For as long as I have known Jen, she has always been easily startled or grossed out by very little things.

“So then what’s the old history behind the road? Or were you just bluffing?” Sandra teasted.

“Well… I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea to divulge into that right now. I mean we’re about 20 minutes away from campus, and 15 minutes away from home.” Joey sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Aw come on! That’s plenty of time to share a good ghost story with us.” Nick blurted enthusiastically blurted out.

“Are you sure?” Joey asked.

The whole backseat rumbled with ‘Hell yeah!’, ‘Let’s hear it!’, and ‘Don’t hold out on us Joey ol’ pal!’

I really started to feel anxious and did not want to hear about this at all. I love horror movies and all, but something told me that this whole thing was a bad idea… but what should I do?


Tell Joey not to tell the story


Encourage him to tell the story despite the weird feeling


Put your earbuds on and try to snooze a little bit before going home


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

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    1. I should start making polls about these! Do you know how to make polls on here or connect polls onto here via twitter?


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