No color to perceive.

No straight vision.

No sense of stability.

No balance or coordination.

No scents to smell.

No sense of taste.

No comprehension.

Nothing audible to the human ear.

Not a single sense of understanding.

Not a single companion by me side.

No one in sight.

Nothing, Noone, Nowhere, None… No… Gone…

Nothing is my place.

Nothing is my heaven.

Nothing is my hell.

Nothing is void.

Nothing is my nothing.



(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured image)

7 thoughts on “Nothing

    1. Thank you love! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve had so many days where I feel so blank and everything whirrs past me. I think this poem was the best way for me to describe that feeling.

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      1. Same here! Right now I’m just trying to find that balance with my writing between the funnies, positivity, horror, and weird stuff.

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