Creature Feature- Support Indie Film: Preacher Six


I can no longer ask for your forgiveness.

Tradition must be broken to serve the divine ones.

Traditional religion is dead.

An awakening is upon us.

The great metropolis I have been summoned to is crawling with malevolent beasts from hell.

The Lord has come to me in many mysterious ways.

Nonetheless, this mission has been given to me for a reason.

The Lord above gave me a mission I must not fail. 

In the name of the Lord I will not fail.

If blood must be spilt in the name of the holy one, so let it be.

If death must be brought onto the damned to let in God’s divine light, let it be so.

If the tainted souls of Satan must be punished through a merciless massacre, so let it be.

If it ends the endless cries and dying screams of the innocent, so let it be.

Open the gates of heaven above and cast iron bars onto the entrance of the fiery pits of hell.

Thy lord’s divine plan will be completed.

Let it be so, so let it be.

Please help support Preacher Six in any way you can! Donate, Like, Share, etc. Make this Independent film happen! 

(Poem written by Alex Snow. Inspired by Preacher Six)

(Other versions of Poem- Version 2, Version 3, Final Version)


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