Hand me that wrench will ya?

How about that pocket knife you have in your pocket?

Help me with this will you?

Having projects such as these help clear my head… if ya know what I mean.

Hey, could you hand over that hammer to me?

Hammering these nails in will help reduce the movement.

Hand me over that rope will ya?

Hog tying has become a special talent of mine.

Horses were only one of many majestic creatures I have worked with.

Hand over the sandpaper will ya?

Hopefully I can keep the skin ‘smooth and fresh’ off of this guy.

Hand over the white towels and chloroform will ya?

Holding down this guy is no easy task, we gotta keep ’em quiet.

Hand over the steel wire and pliers will ya?

Hands and hides will be suspended in a mid-air matrix and it will move like a live piece.

Hand me over a few scraps of metal and gears will ya?

Hold on… before you do that, I will need the painted glass in the corner there.

Hey, hey, I thought he was dead! 

Hey buddy, can you give him a quick whack on the head so we can finish the job?

Hey, thank you for working with me pal!

Hell… I think I’m finally almost done!

Heaven forbid that this piece falls apart on me like how it did last time.

Human skin is very fragile and tears apart so easily… 

Hell it’s a lot less tough than the hide of a hog or of a bull.

Haha! Success… it is finished! Two years of work has finally fallen into place?

Henry… Henry the suspended human art piece is done.

Henry is an easy name to choose since it was your name in the first place.

Haha well… I thought I’d name the Joe Deer after you since you picked ’em out for me.

Human sculpture is my game and hunting keeps you sane.

Ho.. okay, now what shall we do next?


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