Finally I am free from what it means to be human.

I am no longer the monster I used to be.

Selling my face for the sake of freeing me of sin was a mistake.

Hell has no mercy on my decrepid soul.

Yet… I found salvation through one of the most vile things on this earth.

My face is made from the finest scales of the seven seas.

All I feel now is bliss from numbing the dull pain on me face.

Seeing and breathing is not a problem while wearing this masterpiece.

Kindness is easy to access through behavior that numbs you.

Eventually it became hard to tell if it was a mask or my true face.

Death is inevitable for those who wish to see what is under the face of the fish.

One peek under the mask kills tens of thousands of humans.

Now that my wish of being freed from repenting from my sins…

Everything for my next plan of mad bloodshed will fall into place….


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

Bouncy Bubbles


Bouncy bubbles are the best bubbles in the universe.

Unique in their own little way which keeps me entertained.

Bouncy bubbles keep the darkness away.

Bouncy bubbles only reflect light and love from the rainbow spectrum.

Love is was keeps these magical spheres afloat.

Everything is right where it needs to be.

Sadness has a cure, and the cure is bouncy bubbles.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

I Lack Thereof


Any chance of human companionship has been forever yanked away from me.

Longing for a simple companionship with another human being is all I need.

Obviously there has to be something wrong if people still continue avoid me.

No one forgives me for doing what I have done and I don’t blame anyone for it.

Everyone knows I love to feed on the skins on lovely children and women….


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)