Bunny Friend and I

tumblr_n420wowys51sq3gbzo1_250I once had a friend who was a bunny.

Masked boy, but still a bunny nonetheless.

But he and I used to play together and share our secrets with one another.

Until one day he changed.

Right as he turned 10, he found something.

Now I think back and wish that I paid more attention to him.

I never thought he would take his daddy’s gun.

Never did I ever think that he would shoot his whole entire family dead.

Guts and blood was spilt on his 10th birthday.

I guess he didn’t like his family very much…

Now I really wish I paid more attention to when he was sad and angry for no reason.

He made me do terrible things on that day.

Every bit of my clothing was tarnished, my toys were broken, and he killed my family too;

Like as if he wanted to see me suffer.

Like as if he wanted to see everyone suffer.

For one and only one reason did he want to do this.

Only one reason…

Rage against his father for marrying another woman when his mother passed away.

Everything and anything had been done to save her from the influenza virus.

Vengeance was his as soon as he got the chance.

Everything that he ever loved was crushed within his hands.

Right now I’d rather be dead than tied up…


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)




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