The Nymph: Finding What Was Lost

0ee413b053150f22a7d0e25afd1c4fa1So… that anonymous trip to the human’s house went quite well I must say.

I found that he was one of the vile marauders that came and destroyed my lovely abode within the dark trees.

Well… belongings are belongings right? They can be replaced if needed be.

I’ll build a home in a much more secluded location…

Secluded… freestanding… mine…. away from those sick fucks.

Those sick fucks…. they disassembled my home branch by branch, stone by stone, stole and destroyed my possessions, and burnt all of what made me, me to a crisp. 

Hey… I had a tendency to maybe uh… go along with instinct of wanting blood more than company… Maybe… *hic*… I wanted more than just company just despite the fact I was so lonely.

You know I do enjoy the furry ones in the forest, but there is only so much I can do with them.

I catch them and they try to run, then they die… rejection leads to consequences, get eaten… well I have to eat from time to time, or eventually make a lovely piece for my abode. But here’s the thing about humans… you can do all kinds of stuff with them! 

Sure, they may still run, but most of the time they’re here to stay because they are just so easy to fool and catch. They live a lot longer than some of the furry ones… hell, I’ve had some stay alive with me for years and years… but only if I choose for them to. 

Plus, humans have all of these interesting objects that furry ones do not. Clothes for one thing and some of them wear these weird looking garments in their hair, fingers, toes, necks, or other parts of the body. Some of them even carry these things with interesting looking containers that remind me of the skins of the furry ones. 

Well… I collected a lot of those over the years. They grow more and more unique as time goes one! I love my rare finds and treasures. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that my find with the vile marauder turned out to be a wise investment. I know how to make slings for over my shoulder that I can use to carry whatever treasures I may find. The pelt of a human is not too shabby to use when making these slings…. 

Not too shabby at all….


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)




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