Weekly Funnies: Look! It’s a UFO!

We really do live in a strange, strange world. What if there is a possibility that there are UFO’s or ET’s? Regardless if they existed or not, it would be interesting to get some ‘perspective’ on how they could view things if they were anything like us…


Do other planets and ET’s have access to our cell phones and Youtube? If they do, I bet they are having a ball watching us humans messing around.


But sir, I don’t have roadside assistance because this isn’t a car….


So you’re saying that the numerous spottings of light in the sky was in reality the engine light going on in your ship? Right…


Ah, welcome to the airlot for Aliens and UFO owners combined… It looks like we’ve been getting a lot of ‘air’ traffic lately folks!


So hat shaped UFOs smashing into earth led into ended the time of the dinosaurs? 


The struggle on earth is real… the struggle is real…


Oh! So that’s why my imaginary cows have been going missing? Why didn’t you warn me about this sooner? I thought I was going crazy!

'Pothole.' 'I see it.'

Look out for that pothole Fred! Its a doozy!

Well, I truly hope that these goofy ETs managed to add a longlasting smile to your face and a bit of a pick me up to handle the rest of the week. 


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

Weather Wrapped Raven


Wire wrapped forever.

The last guardian of time.

Dead, void, and rotten…

I have seen it all my dear.

Blinded by darkness.

Centuries of hell has killed me.

Time has no meaning.

The screaming in my head does.

I’m a lost cause now.

Now embalmed and mummified.

Roaming the valley of death.

You need to run now.

Run before I consume you.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)