Wooded Path: Divine Ending


A sudden blinding flash of light ignites your senses and jolts you awake like the crack of a whip.

Your body tenses then releases from a breath of fresh air that finally escapes from your lungs.

“I can finally breathe again!” You think to yourself.

You sit up finding yourself attached to all kinds of tubes and wires.

Majority of your body is patched up while you wear minor casts on one of your arms and legs.

Suddenly gravity takes hold and causes you to sink into the bed in a ball of ungodly pain.

You cry out as the pain that weighs that of a thousand tons wraps around your body.

You hear voices calling your name.

One, two, three, then four which turns to five and more.

Your vision slowly becomes clearer as you find the most precious people in your life sitting by your side.

Your dearest wife, children, a few co-workers, brothers, and even your boss is here with you.

“Where am I? How did I get here?”

Your wife, with her gentle blue eyes and dirty blonde hair wipes her eyes away and says,”Honey, you’re in the hospital”

You try to sit up slowly to give your wife and children a hug, but a loud pop within the middle of yours spine stops you in your tracks.

You shrivel down in pain.

Your wife and three girls urge you to lay down.

Reluctantly, you oblige and all of them give you a gentle group hug.

Everyone else anxiously stands right by your side with loving and caring dazes.

“What the hell happened to me? Everything hurts. Shit, I feel like I got hit by a monster truck or something. Is that what happened?”

“No-Not quite like that,” On of your brothers said.

“Don’t you worry about a single thing. You survived that accident, that’s all that matters and… just thank god you’re alive!” another one of the brothers exclaimed.

“Now I really still want to know what happened though, where’s the doctor?”

And speak of the devil, a gentleman of tall stature with a shaved head, thin brimmed glasses in a white coat and pants walks in with a clipboard walks right in.

He introduces himself officially and begins to explain the situation.

“You are a very lucky man now, you know that? Now, do you remember anything?”

A few moments later, a brief memory from driving during a mid-day foggy afternoon comes into mind.

“Yeah, I remember that I went out to swing by work to grab a couple of things… after that it’s just all a one big blur.”

“Well, from what your wife told me someone who was possibly drinking and driving hit you head on in an intersection which caused your car to violently swerve and flip over into a nearby ditch.”

You look at the doctor in absolute awe and feel your stomach drop.

Your wife gently holds and grasps your right hand into hers.

“The one who hit you died on impact caused you to have a broken leg, a shattered elbow, bruising in the spine and ribs, cracking one of them. You also have quite a severe concussion and have had to get a few stitches from various lacerations on your arms and legs.”

The doctor takes a slow deep breath then continues.

“The impact of the accident knocked you into a coma for seventy two hours.”

“Seventy two hours?”, you ask as your jaw drops to the floor.

“We weren’t sure if you were going to make it.” Your wife and youngest daughter chimed in.

“But, how did I get here?”

“I’m not entirely sure. A fellow pedestrian that was in town called 911 and got you here. We never got his name or information though. Come to think of it… no one saw his face.”

The doctor’s gaze grows more and more puzzled by the minute.

“What happened to the person who died from hitting me? Did they ever find his body?”

“Unfortunately not sweetie. They are still looking for it.” Your wife kisses your hand and continues to hold it within hers.

“Wait, then how do they know that he is dead if they can’t find his body?”

Everyone in the room stood frozen in time until someone chimes in: “They found his head sitting right at the edge of the right front wheel of the car, or what was left of it.” 

“I will say this everyone. Every single time I went to work, I would always see this man in a black hoodie and dark jogging pants, er sometimes jeans run alongside the road. I watched him do this for almost twenty years. I could never see his face, nor could I ever figure out who or what he was. He was on the same road I went on every single time. Even on days where I took a different route, he would be on that road alongside me. I never really seemed to pay attention to it until recently. I used to have a lot of dreams where I’d see this hooded figure with nearly transparent, bat like wings and no face. It scared me to death every time I had this dream. Now I think I know who he was… or better yet, what he was.”


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