Hospital Stay

Motorcycle Details

How could I have been so stupid?

Oblivious to the world around me.

Never paying attention to my own safety.

Everything turned into an unbearable reality when mom died.

Yet… my dad and brother managed to carry on.

Well, I did not.

Everything I did got me into trouble.

Agitated over the littlest things, especially if I didn’t get my way

Reality set in as soon as I got pregnant at 16 years of age.

Everything turned around as soon as I had my precious daughter.

I was blessed with her and her dear father.

Now I wish that I wouldn’t have done what I did.

Having an axe at home for cutting firewood was a bad idea honey…

Everything was lost as soon as I was diagnosed with an STD.

Loved to do drugs, messed around with other men… I just couldn’t help it.

Let me make it up to you, please.

For one thing I never got better when mom died from that damned disease.

Ominous visions and voices of death kept filling my mind and ears.

Resting is for the weak.

Everything changed when I came down with that very same disease.

Very much terminal the doctor had said to me.

Everything started to come together when I gave in to the voices.

Reality set in that the hospital is my true home now.


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Home At Last


Welcome back my dear!

Everyone has been waiting for your return.

As you know you are always welcome.

Really missed you since you left for school.

Everything got worse when you left.

I always thought you hated me for what I did to you.

Now I know for certain that you can’t hate me now.

Heaven forbid that I forget to do a sermon or follow through on your vile sins.

Everything will be alright now dear.

Let us help you through this.

Let us clean and clear you of your filthy and untamed nature; you cannot get away now.

Wooded Path: Convincing Yourself that This is Just a Bad Dream: Dead End


Blocking out seems to be the best option at this point, right?

Well, the longer you close your eyes, the heavier your stomach, back, and neck feels to your body.

It’s like as if weights of lead have been placed upon your spine as the world becomes painted with blackness.

Suddenly, a spark of light comes from the blackness.

The light appears as a black rose levitating in mid air, slowly burning away from the flame that engulfs the delicate petals.

A low hum starts to reverberate deep within your ears.

It quickly grows into a loud and sharp ringing that makes you feel as though your eardrums could shatter at any given time.

The once burning rose has now manifested into a pile of ash caked with dark glowing embers.

The ringing within your ears starts to turn into a low, guttural growling noise.

A sound that has never been laid upon your inner subconsciousness. 

A pair of round glowing eyes appear right in front of your face.

It’s really hard to tell how close the eyes are to your own, but you feel that they could be between a few inches to a foot away from your face.

The eyes start to grow slightly brighter for a few moments and just as the eyes appeared, they were gone.

The life that was once within your grasp was ended as a pair of grimy fingers grab you by the ankles and swiftly pulls you within the burning embers from below.



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(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)