Suffocate, Eradicate, Associate

d6ee3b373854fb0149d3fd2d559d1654Suffocate, Eradicate, Associate.

Losing all hope once again.

Only fear exists within the mind.

Wallowing in despair and loneliness.

You sometimes wonder if people would understand.

Going on about your days continue to grow in difficulty. 

Only fear exists within the heart now.

I know he’s standing close.

Now it’s just him and me alone in the bathroom, facing the mirror.

Going through with this is the only way out of this madness.

Maybe there is an alternate reality beyond this window which stands in front of me.

Always have been curious what the world of the opposites looks like. 

Damn this suffocating feeling within my lungs, the time is now.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)


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