Wooded Path: Deserted City


All hope is gone.

As you slide down the hill it becomes apparent that not a single breath of life can be found here.

Here…. the skeletal remains of what used to be a bountiful city.

Crusted blood, metal, ash, and dust is all that remains.

You yell ‘Hello?’ a few times, growing louder with each ‘Hello’ you give off.

Every ‘Hello’ seems to echo for aeons.

After that, dead silence.

Not a single sound could be heard than your own heartbeat.

The sound of that heartbeat grows louder…

The sound almost sounds robotic, like from some machine…

A heart rate monitor.

Your vision of the city blurs into a light olive green colored hospital room.

Each blink goes in and out from the city to the hospital room.

“Is this some sort of bad dream? Or am I dead?”

Perhaps dying? You wonder.

There is only one way to find out.

More coming soon.

Shut your eyes tightly then open them up


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Share- Liars….. You Don’t Need Them!

Definitely a must read! This is reality spelled out beautifully in one simple post.

Am sick and tired of being lied to. It’s not the lie that bothers me, it’s the insult to my intelligence. It’s the fact that the ones we care about keeps lieing to us. But expects…

Source: Liars….. You Don’t Need Them!

Weekly Funnies- In Case if You are Having a Bad Day

tumblr_ns644o5dbq1qb1xf7o1_400Cat: GIVE THEM TO ME!

Puppy: NEVER!

Cat: Surrender!

Puppy: No, I will NEVER tell you where the twinkies are!

Cat: We’ll see about that!

Puppy: *sigh* this is going to take a while.

I hope this brightens your day just a little but and that you have an awesome Thursday!


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)