If a Shark Could Talk


I can’t really understand humans or your human speak.

This kind of life from time to time slowly but surely is killing me.

Sought out for soup, trophies, or big game is the potential reality of us all.

I don’t hunt for kicks, but only to survive and live another day.

For those who are afraid of us, why are you?

Like any other species we make mistakes.

But we are not cold blooded killers.

We don’t seek out people to cause pain and misery.

Humans taste like paper, I don’t like paper.

We aren’t just plain eating machines either.

We do not just eat, sleep, mate, make more sharks, then repeat.

We play a part in this ecosystem of ours. 

One of the many reasons we have lasted so long is because we were meant to.

I feel pain just like how you feel pain.

I know so much more than you could ever know.

I’m part of this world just like you’re a part of it too.

This is OUR world. 

Remember that.

I thank the ones who have helped me and the others.

Because of you we can live another day and not cower in fear. 

Thank you for keeping balance in our world to make it a better place. 

Thank you.

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