She was my only friend, Jane.

Loved her to death.

Obviously still do love her.

We grew up together.

Lots of memories are held within our hearts.

Yesterday changed everything.

Due to Jane’s Mental Health illness she got worse.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

I can’t let go of the fact that Jane tried to kill me.

Never have I ever seen her go as mad as she did yesterday.

Generally she was a sweet girl who could never hurt a fly.

Only for that to change in one swift moment.

Never have I ever seen Jane harm others with an ice pick.

Today I am here, still standing.

Hell was let loose in one single moment.

Everything we thought we knew changed.

I could not believe that she wanted to kill me.

Now I know she’s been wanting to do it longer than I thought.

She slowly deteriorated from the inside out.

Instant terror caused by jealousy and greed.

Don’t assume that I’m innocent dear reader.

Everyone has to have one psychopath for a friend.

Dear reader,

Everything about her is just so wrong.

Always giving me a hard time about everything; cutting up animals, doing ‘experiments’ on others, that fun stuff.

The last thing I want to do is stop the killing.

Heaven knows that it gives me a purpose to live.

Now I am watching my dearest friend Jane sit in the corner as she fries and boils.

Being a doctor is fun, ya know?

It give me an excuse to cut into everything.

Seeing them suffer numbs the pain which comes from my own demise.

I love you Jane, you’ll see that I can make things all better.

Soon you’ll be all mine and no one else can take you from me.

Sweet dreams.


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