Wooded Path: WTF Is That?


Instinct kicked in and you automatically grabbed the closest weapon, which was a hefty crowbar sitting next to a small toolbox which was by your utility closet. 

You gently tip-toed to the basement door and flicked on the light, which of course didn’t work.

You slowly take each step with caution holding the flashlight in one hand and the crowbar in another.

“Damn, who knows how old these steps are”, you mumbled to yourself.

A large bang followed with a few empty tin cans falling over startles you a bit.

Scuttling across the floor following with a bizarre noise comes from the darkness.

You finally are at the bottom step and the light from your flashlight illuminates majority of the floor.

The small stone room was lined with cardboard boxes and small piles of cans and rubble.

Within the darkness another object falls down and a pair of reddish-orange eyes appear from the blackness.

A strange sound, breathing, growling, humming, of some sort comes from the creature in the corner. 

You jump from fear and go for the stairs realizing the magnitude of the creature.

It takes a leap and shrieks as it lands on top of you.


Try to wake up


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

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