Wooded Path: The Morgue


A colossal jolt of electricity and luminescent lights bring you back into consciousness.

It takes a few moments for the white noise within your ears to dissipate.

A room lined with only white tile, pools of blackish rusty red on the ground, sporadic splotches of undecipherable black sludgy writing on the walls surrounds you. 

The only sense of movement you have is within your head and eyes. 

There is no feeling left in your limbs, or in the rest of your body in fact.

You find yourself completely stripped of clothing, hair, and skin… but you can’t feel the pain at all.

You find yourself laying flat on a cold metal surface which feels like a medical table. 

Nothing else is present within the room except with the occasional mess of unknown objects, a dark brown door, and an awkward metal lamp sitting in the corner. 

You look forward to see that you have no legs or feet.

A fleshy colored mass begins to grow upward from the foot of the medical table. 

It takes on the form of you with only X’s for eyes.

The fleshy doppleganger slowly starts to grow in your direction.

“Where are my feet?? Who are you??? WAIT N-!”

Only pitch blackness exists within you now. 


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(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

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