Day: February 4, 2017

  • Wooded Path: The Morgue

    Wooded Path: The Morgue

    A colossal jolt of electricity and luminescent lights bring you back into consciousness. It takes a few moments for the white noise within your ears to dissipate. A room lined with only white tile, pools of blackish rusty red on the ground, sporadic splotches of undecipherable black sludgy writing on the walls surrounds you.  The […]

  • Special Causes: OCEARCH

    Science and Marine Biology have come a long way when it comes to understanding our oceans and the life that continues to thrive within it. However, there is still so much work and research that has yet to be done, especially for one of the most misunderstood species on the planet: Sharks. OCEARCH is dedicated […]

  • Share- Ed’s Creepypastas: Two Sentence Horror Theater III

    As requested, another Ed’s Creepypastas video involving aliens and strangers in the closet. Hope everyone enjoys. via Ed’s Creepypastas: Two Sentence Horror Theater III — The Abnormal Realm

  • Dream Journal: The Pyramid Temple Ritual

    I’m already starting to notice a sequence of synchronicities within my dreams that are slowly but surely beginning to connect the dots. Despite how strange these dreams can be, every aspect of them holds a much deeper meaning. A deeper meaning that perhaps I’m only able to access through my subconscious mind. The beginning of […]