Wooded Path: Reaching the End of the Railroad


You continue to go down the railroad until it leads to a hill where the railroad just stops out of nowhere.

‘Strange’ you think to yourself silently.

You continue to move forward and find a hill where there is a clearing.

You step on the top of the hill and find the view of the city.

Everything seems intact, with the exception of what looks to be a light layer of ash everywhere.

Because of the fact that nightfall has finally begun, it’s hard to tell if the power is out, or if  there is any sign of life left within the concrete metropolis.

You get this really strange creepy-crawly feeling in the back of your head.

You hear a gentle child’s voice whisper, “Go home” in your left ear.

You jolted out of fear and shouted out which caused a flock of crows to swiftly brush past the bushes behind you and land upon the gnarled branches of the autumn aged trees.

Should you go down there in the city below?

It is nearly pitch black and it is too dark to tell if there is anyone down there.

Would it be better to risk it and take a chance, or go back home and try again in the morning?

More coming soon…


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

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