Little Beacon


I will continue to be a beacon of light in this world filled with darkness.

No matter how small it may be, I will remain.

No matter how strong the relentless winds from above are, I will remain.

No matter how dense the heavy rains are, I will remain.

I may be little, but it takes something little to make something big.

I illuminate my aura during the darkest of times to invoke other lit kindred.

The kindred of light is within us all. 

Even in the ones where the flame is wavering, and perhaps for those when the flame is out.

A simple spark is the only kickstart needed to get this going.

I’m that spark.

I’m that little beacon of light.

The little flickering candle in the window.

Out for all those who need a glimmer of hope to see.

I will always remain during the darkest of times.


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A Special AHH Anniversary!

Cheers to a wonderful part of the horror community and congratulations to a fantastic year! Let’s bring it on 2017!

All Hallows Haunts

12670167_10153237045047750_5102022318822753542_n.jpgThe very first AHH meeting.

As of yesterday, All Hallows’ Haunts hit our one year anniversary. It’s been a crazy and wonderful year for us. We’ve got to do so many things and meet a variety of new friends from the horror community. In 2016, we got to experience Midsummer Scream, Scare LA, Stan Lee’s Comic Con, Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and so much more. Andy and our Force of Nature friend, Sebastian Munoz built the Fallen Saints haunt from the ground up. Lola transformed into every creature under the moon for the ghoulish theatre experience, Urban Death. Finally, our little claws typed numerous articles on topics both delightfully spooky and frighteningly disturbing.

12049186_10153073784827750_6124095253612958666_n.jpgThe AHH founders with our friend, Vincent.

When we started this journey, we didn’t have a clue. Each step has been a learning process, and we’re still growing. However, there is one thing that has remained consistent…

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Saturday Surprises


Owner: Hey, wake up friend! It’s time to get up, it’s Monday! Chop chop!

Weimy: Humphrrrthhll?

Owner: Hahaha… just kidding! It’s only saturday.

Weimy: *gives off blank stink eye stare*

*crickets chirping*

Owner: Ok… I’ll let you get to it! Heh…

Have a happy Saturday everyone!


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Know When to Say No


Don’t be afraid to say yes, and don’t be afraid to say no.

We need to make important decisions in life, even when going with the flow.

Our individual needs, desires, and boundaries are important.

No one can take that away from you and no one has control over you.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and become assertive in a loving way.

We are individually in control of our own selves. 

So with that, say no to:


Hurting others

People and things that drain you

Doing things that don’t feel ‘right’

Hurting the environment

Things that aren’t good for your health and wellbeing 

Taking or destroying other people’s things


Most importantly, say no to things that take away your happiness.

You do matter.

We all have a choice.

Remember that.

Don’t be afraid to say no.


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Wooded Path: Reaching the End of the Railroad


You continue to go down the railroad until it leads to a hill where the railroad just stops out of nowhere.

‘Strange’ you think to yourself silently.

You continue to move forward and find a hill where there is a clearing.

You step on the top of the hill and find the view of the city.

Everything seems intact, with the exception of what looks to be a light layer of ash everywhere.

Because of the fact that nightfall has finally begun, it’s hard to tell if the power is out, or if  there is any sign of life left within the concrete metropolis.

You get this really strange creepy-crawly feeling in the back of your head.

You hear a gentle child’s voice whisper, “Go home” in your left ear.

You jolted out of fear and shouted out which caused a flock of crows to swiftly brush past the bushes behind you and land upon the gnarled branches of the autumn aged trees.

Should you go down there in the city below?

It is nearly pitch black and it is too dark to tell if there is anyone down there.

Would it be better to risk it and take a chance, or go back home and try again in the morning?

More coming soon…


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)