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Have a Seat


Have a seat.


Love to have you here! 

Please join us!

Maybe just for a minute?

Easy as one.. two… three.

Perhaps you can bring a friend or two.

Let’s have a spot of tea and chat!

Excellent tea right?

At least have a bite of our shortbread.

See, now that was easy!

Easy enough to see you bleed….


Positivty and Funnies Randomness

Freakin’ Fuzzy Foxy Friday


Hooray, it’s the weekend!

Time to go snuggle and go FLOOF!

Come on, I am ready!


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Alex Speak Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary Writing and Poetry

Man of Fog

1344743_1_201025_233528_1_024The man of fog… the nightmare man.

He is here with us now…

Your worst nightmares have now come to life.

You cannot stop him.

He is here with us right now…

He feeds on one thing.

And that thing is true fear that petrifies the heart and lungs.

Changing shape is strength.

If you drop your fears, he drops away from your site.

Here’s the thing… Do you think that is possible?

Well… you can ask him! He’s right here with us.

Right behind your back…. smelling your hair…