Alex Speak Artwork Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

Candle light


I love candle light.

It reminds me of true life.

When it goes out though…

I go out as well.

This candle cannot go out.

Without it, I die.

So says the one behind me.

So says the monster.

So says the hooded creature.

So says the darkness.

Time is of the essence friend.

Nope, I will not move.

The clock is ticking my friend.

The shadow is here.

Don’t let the candle go out.

You won’t die from this.

My death is my destiny. 

Yours is different.

They will take you far away.

Welcome to hell dear.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)

By ASnowpasta

I'm just a crazy girl in an annoyingly 'sane' world. Navigating it through and through by following my own divine guidance. I have many passions in life and it all consists of my crazy boxer Zuzu, Art, Writing and Poetry, Dream Analyzation, Everything and Anything Horror, Creepypastas, Music, Spirituality, Animals & Nature, all revolving within an infinite pool of love. I advocate for love and do not condone hate. I'm here to help, not hurt. Heal, not harm. Nothing can or will get in my way, success is within the palms of my hands.

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