To be cray cray is to be real.

Cray cray is life.

Enjoy it and love who you are.

Normality is scary.

Blissful insanity is fun.

Let’s be blissfully insane


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The Frost and Fire


It is he who walks the earth of clouds, rain, and fire.

It is she who is of snow, ice, and frost.

It is he who controls the winds, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires.

It is she who casts blizzards, snow storms, and hell frozen rain.

It is he who creates the steam, the mist, the fog, and the smoke and ashes from above.

It is she who creates the flurries, the jagged ice shards, and shows the magic of the sun reflecting from pure white snow below.

It is he who loves her with the fiery passion from the sun within his veins. 

It is she who loves him from the gentle frosty lights that sparkle within her heart.

It is they who join one hand and hand for this dance.

A dance of a lifetime.

A dance made from eternal infinite love.

The fire from within him does not cause her to fade and melt away.

The ice from within her does not douse the burning passion from within.

They compliment each other in every and any single way known to the universe.

It is they who have existed since the beginning of time.

It is they who continue to rule and revolve around us.

It is they that help keep balance, love, and light at a constant rate.

It is they whom take place in many tales made many moons ago.

They are within us all.




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The Little Things


Isn’t it so?

The little things in life matter.

Take for instance:



Heart beating

Sight seeing



Infinite love

Lovely letters from home

Dear friends


Feathery clouds in the sky

Savory sweet apple pies

Sweet tea and coffee

Full moon and stars

Lush trees and flowers

Roaring waterfalls and rivers

Gentle lakes and beaches

Birds singing

Wildlife all around us

Pets full of love

Hot Summers

Blustery Falls

Warm fuzzies Winters

Blossoming Springs

And everything in between.

Can’t you see how beautiful life is?

I sure do. 

If you dig deep enough within your soul, you’ll find the buried treasure from within.

“Start as you mean to go on.” -Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head


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Candle light


I love candle light.

It reminds me of true life.

When it goes out though…

I go out as well.

This candle cannot go out.

Without it, I die.

So says the one behind me.

So says the monster.

So says the hooded creature.

So says the darkness.

Time is of the essence friend.

Nope, I will not move.

The clock is ticking my friend.

The shadow is here.

Don’t let the candle go out.

You won’t die from this.

My death is my destiny. 

Yours is different.

They will take you far away.

Welcome to hell dear.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)