Wooded Path: Staying Put


Perhaps it would be easier to travel if you waited until the morning.

Despite the fact that you’ve hiked and have done night walks in the dark before, something within your gut tells you to wait.

It’s about 5:45 pm, not too dark, but the fog makes it hard to tell what is going on out there.

You wander through the living room, dining room, and kitchen not knowing what to do about the growing sense of dread.

There really doesn’t seem to be any power through the entire home with the exception of a few outlets giving off very low frequencies of energy and some of the appliances oddly still work.

All of the lights, clocks, and timers abruptly flicker on and off from time to time.

There is very little to seldom service on your phone, but you try to call as many people as you can.

Mom and Dad, Wife, two brothers, three daughters all in their teens, co-workers, bosses, friends… you have tried to reach them all.

All calls either drop, go straight to voicemail, or reaches to a busy signal.

You become slightly more frantic not knowing what is going on and if your loved ones are safe.

You try to call your wife again and there is nothing but static on the other end.

As you are getting fed up, ready to end the call, you hear a raspy child’s voice that says, “Please tell mommy to go back inside…”

You immediately grow more confused and try to say ‘hello?’. There is no response and the call immediately drops.

You drop the phone down on the dark oak end table right next to the aged couch and take a seat, put your palms against your head and take a deep breath.

You ask yourself ‘What should I do?’ and as you lay back into the couch, your vision starts to go in and out and eventually to static and white noise.

As you nod off, a black silhouette appears in front of you, but its hard to tell for sure what it is.

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Count to three, make a wish, and then say;

“I wish, I wish I was a fish!”

Or maybe express this thought for today;

“Maybe someday I can grant someone’s wish.”

Just know that this statement is the truth;

“I can be anything and anyone I want to be.”

To wish for good luck you don’t need to have a clover, a rabbit’s foot, or a tooth.

It’s as simple as; “Jumping for joy, dancing with glee, setting my worries free!”

Do you want to know something very special about yourself?

You are the creator of your own destiny, the author of your own book!

It would be a curse to be like everybody else.

You could be a dancer, actor, writer, salesman, business owner, manager, singer, artist, or cook!

Do you see that dandelion there?

See it as a free wish and you’ll set yourself free!

Everyone deserves to have a wish, it’s only fair.

See it as a weed and you’ll be flooded with pessimism, hatred, and greed.

Don’t believe that the world is cold and doesn’t care.

Agree to open your heart and share.

Everyone and everything you need will be there.


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)