Mist Between the Trees


I don’t know who I am.

May I ask, who are you?

Am I alive or dead?

All I can see are trees.

Even where I should be.

Right where my body stands.

All except for my feet.

I see you have found me?

How long have I been here?

Why can’t I talk or move?

No longer corporal.

I know you can’t see me.

You’re right in front of me.

Now I guess I am dead.

I’m dead between the trees.


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Wooded Path: Taking the Railroad


Maybe there is some hope and light beyond the safety of your own backyard.

The decision of going for help and answers rather than staying put made more sense than anything else.

The feeling of dread and anticipation for the worst wavers on and off as you step onto the ash covered ground.

You grab a backpack with basic supplies for the outdoors, thankfully you were a very outdoorsy person.

At first there was nothing but ash, black sticky mud, and loose parts from fences, windows, and cars scattered all over the place.

The fog and ash dissipates as you walk deeper through the trees.

There’s still clear signs of life here.

Gentle sounds of wildlife and the partially intact trees gives you a tiny glimmer of hope.

The occasional loud SNAP from twigs breaking around you makes it quite clear that you’re not alone.

Your left foot slips to the left and you fall down a small bump of land onto the side of a railroad. 

You’ve seldom gone this way before.

You wonder if it’s safe to go any further.

There’s only one way to find out.

Follow the railroad

more coming soon…


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Monday Morning Motivation

6d07c237e7a6e0a19aafbd9bfcac792fThe weekend has ended and a new week is finally upon us!

*Shrieks* It’s Monday!!

No, I mean that in a positive way.

Everyday is a new beginning, a fresh start, an open door, a blank canvas, an open door…

So many possibilities!

Don’t shriek in terror when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Watch the sun rise, stretch, have a sip of coffee, and go about your day with a smile on your face!

Happy Monday everyone! =)


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Wooded Path: Dust and Ash


A dismal, post-apocalyptical, shattered mess.

Ears ringing, head pulsating, eyes stinging, room spinning…

What just happened?

The end is upon us… or perhaps the beginning.

It’s far too quiet and a sense of uneasiness forms over you like a dense cloud.

What to do next?

Do you dare entering the wooded path through the ash?

Or stay put waiting for help with no avail.

Will you:

Go on your routine hiking trail into town?


Stay put?


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