Weekly Funnies- Psycho Dog Saturday

408770_funny-dog-water-eyes-hoseEyes bulgy and mouth agape.

What’s all of the fuss all about?

What are you doing silly?

Water can’t hurt you goofy!

Are you the Witch of the West?

Well, I think that explains things.


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January Shore

img_1079January shore was once never seen before.

December waters once resided here.

Rainbow ash and sea salt stains my heart.

A heart of glass now turns to gold.

My mouth quivers at the sight of the sunset.

The spark of January resides upon these waters.

These waters stand the test of time.

I feel a sense of freedom pulsating through my body.

Nothing else matters except for this very single moment in time.

Not a sign of steel colored clouds casting weighing upon the skies above could be seen.

Nor icy rain that has settles upon the mountains above us.

This moment is endless, infinite, beautiful.

No words can express the gratitude of this moment caught on film.

Nothing can take away my pure joy from this short span of time.

I will forever cradle the January shore within my heart.




Weekly Funnies- Freakin’ Friday Fun


That’s it! The weekend is finally over!

See ya later peeps!

I’m gonna go have some fun. =)



(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)