Peeping Tom

I’ll always be here for you my sweetheart.

Always, always, always, always, always, always…

I’ll never let you out of my site.

Not ever, ever, ever my dear.

You can’t trick my eyes sweetie.

My vision is forever flawless, 20/20 baby!

I know when you’re there and I know when you’re gone.

I can see you, but you can’t see me.

But, that’s ok with me.

I’m satisfied from my point of view at least.

If you could see what I see, man… you’d be blown away…

I can still see you even when I’m gone during the day.

Every. single. moment. of. every. single. day.

Oh my… I love the way you move.

The way you move, eat, sleep, watch tv, dress…. undress.

You are my divine queen.

My divine goddess.

Ever so perfect in my eyes darling.

Ah forever perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect.

Deep ocean blue eyes, long, wavy strawberry blonde hair, curves…

Those smooth curves of yours…

Ok, ok, ok I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself. hahaha…

I just needed to write this to you.

It has been three years since you have moved next door to me.

We’ve barely spoken a word since then.

I don’t know what it is about you… but I just gotta have you!

I love you!

Don’t dare question me how could I or why, I just do.

I can feel it within my veins and bones.

You’re truly a delight to me.

It keeps eating away at me.

I can’t help but laugh! My god it makes me laugh.

Oh, all of the wonderful things we could do together…

So, tomorrow morning you should find this note under your doormat.

If that one gets lost, that’s ok!

I sent you over 10 copies at your workplace, family, and friends.

Tomorrow at 6:00 am darling, we will finally meet.

And you will finally be mine…. forever.


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