Finding a Bit of Positivity in a Sticky Situation

Being sick is never fun. But, it happens. I can say that for myself who is silently suffering on the inside and ready to literally claw the walls in my house apart. However, I find that no matter what situation I’m in, I always try to find the humor and positivity in everything. So, for those who are currently at home feeling under the weather, here’s a little something that might cheer you up just a bit. =)


Why in the world do people always say, “I can’t afford to get sick”. I didn’t know that was something that was potentially affordable? Does it cost more than a new car, a new house, bills, food?


Have you ever had the kind of sneeze where it causes you to tumble over your own feet? That would be me in a heartbeat, even when I’m not sick.

Golden Retriever puppy

Where did the term “Sick as a dog” come from? I mean why can’t I be that cute when I’m sick? Its no fair!

I hope this made your day a little bit better.


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Peeping Tom

I’ll always be here for you my sweetheart.

Always, always, always, always, always, always…

I’ll never let you out of my site.

Not ever, ever, ever my dear.

You can’t trick my eyes sweetie.

My vision is forever flawless, 20/20 baby!

I know when you’re there and I know when you’re gone.

I can see you, but you can’t see me.

But, that’s ok with me.

I’m satisfied from my point of view at least.

If you could see what I see, man… you’d be blown away…

I can still see you even when I’m gone during the day.

Every. single. moment. of. every. single. day.

Oh my… I love the way you move.

The way you move, eat, sleep, watch tv, dress…. undress.

You are my divine queen.

My divine goddess.

Ever so perfect in my eyes darling.

Ah forever perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect.

Deep ocean blue eyes, long, wavy strawberry blonde hair, curves…

Those smooth curves of yours…

Ok, ok, ok I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself. hahaha…

I just needed to write this to you.

It has been three years since you have moved next door to me.

We’ve barely spoken a word since then.

I don’t know what it is about you… but I just gotta have you!

I love you!

Don’t dare question me how could I or why, I just do.

I can feel it within my veins and bones.

You’re truly a delight to me.

It keeps eating away at me.

I can’t help but laugh! My god it makes me laugh.

Oh, all of the wonderful things we could do together…

So, tomorrow morning you should find this note under your doormat.

If that one gets lost, that’s ok!

I sent you over 10 copies at your workplace, family, and friends.

Tomorrow at 6:00 am darling, we will finally meet.

And you will finally be mine…. forever.


Dream Journal- Part 3: Odd Metropolis

(Note- due to the size of this Dream Journal post, the journal entry is split up into 3 different posts. This is part 3. Names and identities remain anonymous)

Between part 2-3 of my dream, I had a short segment where I had to go get something from my parent’s house in my hometown. I told myself that I had to go alone, yet little did I know that a few fuzzy critters, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, cats, deer, dogs, and so on started to follow me on my way. I finally found myself back to my parent’s house in flight, but again the morphing aspect took hold of this house. It seemed high and mighty as it sad on a mountain top… but in reality my parent’s home does not sit on a mountain. It at first appeared to be made from oak and thick glass, but then turned back into its original form. I wrapped myself around the side so I wouldn’t get caught, and then found myself through the front door. It kind of reminded me of something from a horror movie due to the modernized and ornate style. I had flashes of The Shining in my head and then managed to snap myself back into reality. I ran around the old home and found all kinds of beautiful dogs within it, dogs of all kinds. It felt like the right thing to let them go and to take the totem I was looking for. I kept hearing warnings from the smaller critters to get out, and I insisted not to without letting these animals free. The door behind me was opened and my Dad walked in. I felt like a deer in the headlights. My Dad had a weird sparkle in his eye and greeted me and I greeted him back. It was silent for a moment until all hell broke loose as he yelled a massive inhuman sound. Cain and a few of the animals ran through the front door, knocked my dad out of the way (Cain taking it a step further), and pulled me out of there and the dogs ran free. Cain was furious and asked me what I was doing there. I apologized and told him I had to go back for something. He kissed me and told him not to do it like that again, and if I were to go that he must go with me.

Moving forward with the dream, I found myself in the middle of a massive metropolis. I mean absolutely massive. I don’t think I have ever seen anything of this magnitude in my life before. Massive glass buildings that were see-through, beautiful courtyards lined with fountains, trees, birds, and places to hang out, study, and have a cup of coffee with friends. From what I could see, this seemed to be a city made entirely of schools. I believe there were at least three or four different schools put within these cities. All of its residents were students, teachers, professors, staff, custodians, and supervisors of these universities. It was absolutely amazing. All of my friends were there! It was so cool and I even met some new ones too. I spent my days with Cain and or my friends whether we were in class, studying, out and about, or just spending alone time with Cain within our home (I would say dorm, but these were individualized housing areas that were kind of like apartments). Did I also mention that things were kind of… well, anime like sort of? Well, they were.

One day we were in one of the many white washed libraries for a study session for one of our classes. It was me, Cain, Josephine, Francine, and a few others. Francine asked me if I could go with her to one of her classes just to sit in with her, I said yes, but got a very weird feeling in the pit of my stomach about it. I could tell Cain did too, but he was very subtle about it. I leaned forward towards him, kissed him, then said I’d be right back. He smiled back, waved, and told me not to be too long. I had that feeling that he was trying to stay positive despite the weird feeling we both got. From what I could tell, Francine was a mentor and tutor for this math class for younger students. It was awesome knowing that she would go out of her way to help other children. On my way through the campus’ courtyard, she told me that she wanted to be a Math tutor and hopefully teacher at one of the universities nearby us. I told her that I thought it was fantastic! 

I went in the classroom and was immediately creeped out. I could tell that it was old seeing the dirt and dust on the tiles of the floor, walls, and ceiling. Some of the squares were coming off the ceiling and the lights flickered on and off. The desks, projector, and white board were so old. The students and teacher seened relatively normal and they all greeted me sweetly. I was sitting in just to get an idea of what Francine would do. I hate math, but still wanted to see how she worked with kids because of my interests in Psychology and Art Therapy. As the class went on (which felt like in dragged on forever, which was only about 10-15 minutes in reality) that feeling of dread continued to grow. I told Francine I was going to hit the restroom. She told me class was going to be over soon, but said she was ok with it. I left my stuff there which Francine agreed to look over… that was the biggest mistake I have ever made. 

What was cool about that class was that it had a massive open door that led to outside. In reality besides having to go to the bathroom, I just really needed fresh air. I looked around the campus’ buildings, feeling a bit lost but amazed. I was still relatively new in this area. I could see large campus book stores, shopping areas, lab buildings, libraries, student lounges, and then finally found the restroom. I went in and out like that, but heard a large commotion. I looked outside and saw another restroom. There was a man with a bandana, black and blue clothing, and dark hair trying to grab a young woman in a pink tank and then shot her with a handgun when she resisted. More guys with bandanas ran out and around that one bathroom. I stood there and hid in the bathroom I was in for a second until they left that bathroom across from me so I could help that girl. I ran inside and a few other girls ran towards the far end of the bathroom screaming and crying. The girl that was shot wasn’t dead, only grazed on her arm, but others that were outside were. I realized I didn’t have my phone and my blood ran cold. I took a cloth and wrapped it around her arm to try to stop the bleeding. I was furious, so done with all of this. I got so angry that I attracted those shooters and dragged them into the bathroom. They tried to shoot me, but missed as I tore each and every part of them one by one. I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I would kill them, then pull them inside out. They begged and pleaded, but I did not stop. As soon as it was over, the girls in the bathroom with me were shocked, but one yelled “You did it!”. I stood back in horror and sadness only to find that they were no different from me and everyone else. I told them that I forgave them for what they did, apologized for what I did, and somehow they were standing again and allowed me to hug them. I saw a glimpse of Cain and others getting ready to enter the bathroom when the dream stopped and I woke up. 

This was just one of those vivid dreams that blew me away. I am grateful for how visually gifted and creative I am. My subconscious mind is so much more powerful when I allow that part of myself to flow. I think there is so much more that are dreams are telling us than what we see on the surface. Wow. Amazing. Beautiful.


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Dream Journal- Part 2: The Archangel Encounter

(Note- due to size of dream journal entry, this will be a 3 part entry made up of 3 separate posts. This is part 2. Names and identities will remain anonymous.)

The affectionate night with Cain seemed to blend and bleed itself into a dream of soft, pastel, rose-colored streams of colored water that reflected ourselves sleeping with one another. I woke up with Cain standing behind me and found Janice and a few others still there in the morning. I was worried about her and asked where her significant other was. She told me that she had her boyfriend and not to worry. Well, I set up a special surprise and got her boyfriend to come to see us. He walked behind Janice and tapped her on the shoulder. She was ecstatic to know that he was there because he had been out of town for the longest time. They both kissed, walked off, and waved goodbye to me.

I turned towards Cain and we were starting to walk off as I heard my mom call to me. I run towards her and Cain had an expression of discomfort and worry on his face. I was excited to see her and gave her a hug. She told me about how she missed me and I expressed the same thing to her and we both asked each other a few mundane questions about our everyday lives. It was cut short when my mom sharply interrupted me and told me to drop every single thing that I was doing. I became ever so confused and asked her what she meant. She got even deeper as she told me to drop my job, my home, my surroundings, my friends, and now this new venture for it wouldn’t be good for me. She also told me she knew best and that I needed to come home. I kept trying to tell her that I couldn’t, even wouldn’t because I was happy. It didn’t seem to phase her at all and I just felt like part of me was being sucked in and couldn’t get away.

Cain told me it was time to go and I refused to leave, thinking that there was something wrong with my mom. She then tried to reach her hand out to me and told me not to go, crying hysterically. She started to morph and decay into a very nasty form that no longer even represented my mom. Cain grabbed me and said, “Come on Alex! Let’s go! You have got to let go of the past! Come on, let’s go!”. We both ran out of the stadium and into a completely different place from the school. I started to cry myself, feeling like part of me was being ripped away. Cain slowly walked up to me and gently carressed my hair and face, kissed me, hugged me and then stood in front of me with his arms on my shoulders. Our surroundings slowly started to morph into a softly sunlit green pasture with lofty trees and roaring mountains. 

In a gentle but stern voice, Cain explained to me how I had to drop my past and leave it behind me. I was hysterical and again felt as though something important was being ripped towards me. Cain was so patient with me, that I greatly appreciated. Anger started to grow more apparent on his face and I knew it was not towards me. He kissed me on my forehead, said I love you swiftly, and I said it in returned. He turned around and told me he would be right back and not to follow him. I asked for him to wait, but before I could go further, a few of my friends ran past me and followed Cain. Janice stopped for a second to tell me to stay here. I could hear a massive inhuman shriek coming from the distance as they ran across the stage and it morphed into a stone part of the mountain. 

I could no longer see them. I looked upon my surroundings and saw more hills, trees, and a body of water a few hundred yards away from me. I heard a soft male voice hit my ears and saw an angellic presence in front of me. To me, it looked like Archangel Chamuel. Long dirty blonde hair, soft rose white wings, a robe made of pinks, reds, and gold. His face looked immortal. I do not quite remember the message he protrayed onto me. But what I could understand was to not feel bad for others who have done wrong, don’t pity for people of the past, I’m doing the right thing, move forward, move on with my goals and dreams, have fun with friends, and stay with Cain. 

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