Wrath the Sacred Sinner

I see you’ve stumbled upon my domain.

Prepare yourself for I have a tale that has surpassed the ages.

My heart is an empty void of burning anger and hatred.

Apathy is my true best friend.

I hate everything and everyone on this god forsaken planet.

It’s not true what they say about my anger, or anger generally.

It’s not true that it drains me more than anything else.

It’s not true that it hurts me more than others.

I refuse to accept it.

Anger drives me to success every single time.

I get a rise feeling the rage fill every single particle of my being.

I even feel a sweet sense of satisfaction of spreading my wrath onto others.

Seeing wrath in others arouses me to my core.

The folks that constantly feel that acidic void taking over makes me feel more at home with them.

However, most people are not like that.

Generally, people are just so fucking stupid.

Everything that they do, say, think, and are makes me want to kill them all.

Tear them to pieces like paper in a shredder. 

Suffering and pain drowns out my own the white noise that keeps me up at night.

Listening to their screams in pain is like feeling the sensation of sinking my teeth into the most decadent sweets that exists in this world. 

I don’t pity the ones who are in pain.

They don’t deserve it. 

They don’t deserve your love or my love.

Love never existed within me so that wipes out that even being a miniscule possibility.

I’ve always been cold like this towards others as well as myself.

The people all around me have made me this way.

Alas, that doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

You’re still huh?

Regardless about how you feel about my words…

All I want to do is see you suffer.


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)

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