Month: January 2017

  • Weekly Funnies- Boxers and Friends

    It has been far, far too long since one of these babies have been posted! We’ve got to show the community of Boxer dog lovers some love, right? Here’s some cute content of adorable boxers and friends. Mom, Dad, I’m keeping her. You have no say. I didn’t do it! It was the wind that […]

  • Dream Journal: Vulnerabilities and Tattoos

    I had quite an interesting dream last night. Majority of the details in this dream were all directed to some aspect of my day to day life in my state of consciousness. Now, when deep down in the waters of my subconscious seems to reflect those same day to day aspects, but at such a […]

  • A Disclaimer: The Finger Club

    For those who are part of the Finger Club, this is a pretty standard procedure right? All part of the daily routine, right? I get it… bad day, nasty people, stupid people on the road, ran late to work or school, bad weather… you name it. We all have those days. But, you gotta remember […]

  • The Old Hooded Woman

    Dear old woman from the South. Everyone fears you. Always cowering in fear from your presence. Ready to run from the sound of your gentle melody. Goodness is within your heart is gone. Obviously those rumors can’t be true. Do you have a way to prove they’re wrong? Cursed by townspeople for healing powers. Everything […]

  • Snow

    Sweet snow upon my lips. She’s now here with me. You are finally here. Here with me at last. Pure white from the divine. Clean from all evil. Yet, you’re fully balanced. I cannot explain that. Speechless, stunning, beauty. Warmth from within to last. This is all I’ll ever need. -Alex (all credit goes to […]

  • Show Some Love Sunday

    Hello my dear friend. You’re awesome, kind, sweet, funny… I love you so much! -Alex (all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)

  • Little Beacon

    I will continue to be a beacon of light in this world filled with darkness. No matter how small it may be, I will remain. No matter how strong the relentless winds from above are, I will remain. No matter how dense the heavy rains are, I will remain. I may be little, but it […]

  • A Special AHH Anniversary!

    Originally posted on All Hallows Haunts:
    The very first AHH meeting. As of yesterday, All Hallows’ Haunts hit our one year anniversary. It’s been a crazy and wonderful year for us. We’ve got to do so many things and meet a variety of new friends from the horror community. In 2016, we got to experience Midsummer Scream,…

  • Saturday Surprises

    Owner: Hey, wake up friend! It’s time to get up, it’s Monday! Chop chop! Weimy: Humphrrrthhll? Owner: Hahaha… just kidding! It’s only saturday. Weimy: *gives off blank stink eye stare* *crickets chirping* Owner: Ok… I’ll let you get to it! Heh… Have a happy Saturday everyone! -Alex (all credit goes to the original owner(s) of […]

  • Know When to Say No

    Don’t be afraid to say yes, and don’t be afraid to say no. We need to make important decisions in life, even when going with the flow. Our individual needs, desires, and boundaries are important. No one can take that away from you and no one has control over you. Don’t be afraid to stand […]