Don’t Force Me

Don’t force me to sleep you bastards.

I don’t care what you have to say.

I don’t die unless I have to.

What I mean by have to is meaning when I decide I have to.

I am untouchable.

Mother nature nor God can stop me now.

You laid me to rest because I was a burden.

Or so you say to your secret beloved.

You ended me to be with another.

The thought of speaking such a vile truth frightened you, didn’t it?

It’s too late for apologies now.

You and the ugly doctor…

You had it in for me since day one.

You took everything I owned and acted as if I was pure scum.

Not anymore, bitch.

I seek revenge for myself and for any sick fuck that has ever gotten involved in taking what is mine.

Years of dust, decay, and stiff limbs won’t stop me.

Bullets, knives, silver, chains, or flame won’t help you.

I thank the masked ones for setting me free from this tomb.

So now all I need in this world to survive, is you.


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)

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