Day: December 23, 2016

  • Friday Morning Fun!

    Friday Morning Fun!

    Good morning everyone! It looks like it’s all downhill (or down slide) from here as we roll on in to the weekend…. or slide 😉 I hope you all have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend! (OMG Its almost Christmas! =D And for those who don’t celebrate it, its still a nice break!) -Alex […]

  • World of Psyche- Unmotivation

    World of Psyche- Unmotivation

    I still have yet to fully grasp what the true meaning of unmotivation; however, I do know that at one point or another it affects us all. Its that overwhelming shadow that weighs over us, causing us to feel so low to where even doing the things we love doesn’t seem appealing at all. And […]

  • Don’t Force Me

    Don’t Force Me

    Don’t force me to sleep you bastards. I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t die unless I have to. What I mean by have to is meaning when I decide I have to. I am untouchable. Mother nature nor God can stop me now. You laid me to rest because I was […]