Great Dream Analyzing Resources

IMG_0401           I use a number of different books, sites, resources, etc to analyze, research, understand, and connect the dots with my dreams. These are some of the resources that I am presenting to you that I hope will be of great benefit to you. This list is ever expanding! If you have any resources that you use which are effective and might help others please don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter


*~On Dreams and Dream Symbols by TA Sullivan

*~The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn


 *~Dream Moods: Dream dictionary with an in depth index of dream meanings, common dreams, facts, shared dreams, etc. 

*~Dreams Cloud Dream Dictionary: In depth dream dictionary, search engine, and social media site for connecting with others on dreams. 

*~Dream Dictionary: Dream Dictionary site with lots of dream meanings, most common dreams, informational pages, and forum. 

*My Dream Visions: Dream dictionary and resource for dream analyzation by Nacy Wagaman M.A. 

*~What’s Your Sign- Dream Meanings: Spirituality and New Age site filled with posts and pages on a variety of topics like Zodiacs, Dreams, numerous Spiritual Symbols and their meanings, Blog, Tarot, etc. 

Facebook Groups

The Dream Gallery, (an informational group with information of anything and everything dream related) and #Dreamshare  (a spiritual-metaphysical page based on the connection with others through dreams and sharing dream experiences).