Great Dream Analyzing Resources

IMG_0401           I use a number of different books, sites, resources, etc to analyze, research, understand, and connect the dots with my dreams. These are some of the resources that I am presenting to you that I hope will be of great benefit to you. This list is ever expanding! If you have any resources that you use which are effective and might help others please don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter


*~On Dreams and Dream Symbols by TA Sullivan

*~The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn


 *~Dream Moods: Dream dictionary with an in depth index of dream meanings, common dreams, facts, shared dreams, etc. 

*~Dreams Cloud Dream Dictionary: In depth dream dictionary, search engine, and social media site for connecting with others on dreams. 

*~Dream Dictionary: Dream Dictionary site with lots of dream meanings, most common dreams, informational pages, and forum. 

*My Dream Visions: Dream dictionary and resource for dream analyzation by Nacy Wagaman M.A. 

*~What’s Your Sign- Dream Meanings: Spirituality and New Age site filled with posts and pages on a variety of topics like Zodiacs, Dreams, numerous Spiritual Symbols and their meanings, Blog, Tarot, etc. 

Facebook Groups

The Dream Gallery, (an informational group with information of anything and everything dream related) and #Dreamshare  (a spiritual-metaphysical page based on the connection with others through dreams and sharing dream experiences).


Another Updateskis

Hey guys! I hope you are having a lovely evening so far. So, this is a pretty big update that I wanted to put up, its going to change this site dramatically. Its no longer going to be ‘just’ a blog. I want to continue to post stuff, but there is going to be a static front page. I am going to be focusing more on featuring Creepypasta, Horror, and Weird artwork, written pieces, and other projects. Not just my own, but I want to feature others people’s work as well. I want to dive deeper into the Horror and Art communities out there, hoping to feature and help those who often go unnoticed far too often. I’m hoping that we can work together so that we can all succeed whether its making artwork, narrating creepypastas and scary stories, writing creepypastas, or taking on whatever projects that you might have in mind. We don’t need to be cut throat to succeed as one, I know this for a fact. There are so many great Creepypasta websites like and some of the variations of the Creepypastawiki! I want to reiterate myself and say that I want to take things a step further and help those who often more than not go unnoticed.

Another thing I am going to be focusing on generally is doing what I can to make a difference. I want to continue spreading awareness on Mental Health & other surrounding issues such as abuse (physical, emotional, drug and alcohol, sexual, what have you), trauma, neglect, bullying, lgbtq, teens and adolescents etc.  I want to get in touch with some organizations to see what can be done to help with some of these issues and or hopefully reach out to others who need someone to lend an ear.

Lastly, I’ll continue things such as analyzing dreams, spirituality, balance, peace, love, what have you. That won’t ever change. =) I’ll also see if there is a way to interconnect all of these different areas and see how it goes.

I’ll have more info on it later, but for now, this is what I’ve got.



I don’t know what the future is going to bring me; life is kind of funny like that.

This is not a sonnet, nor a poem, song, haiku. Not a writing built of fragmented words.

Sporadic flashes of light and imagery had been within my vision of view for so long.

I’ve only just now been able to decipher it. It makes no difference to me anymore. 

I am unsure of what my path in life will entail. Divine guidance seems to be the way.

Songs and sonnets of the spirits and souls of the universe fill my ears and my eyes.

Spiritualist, Religious, Skeptic, Average Joe, or not; no one is a stranger to transition.

Its the vagueness that fogs up my insight; like a sudden wave of mist against glasses.

I know damn well I’m not the only one whose world is surrounded by the thoughts.

Its frustration, aggravation, irritation, and all the like which comes with fog.

What is it? Death? Loss? Gain? Birth? Rebirth? Incarnation? Reincarnation?

Its all of the above from what I can tell. One way or another, sitting still won’t do.

Impatient am I? Incompetent? Foolish? Niave? Lost? A mind of grandiose intent?

Neither. Some may see me this way, but only because of the stitches are in the way.

Stitches neatly woven through their eye sockets that hide the truth.

A Lost cause, a break, dropped, left, abandoned, cracked, leaking, and dripping.

Sweet nectar of truth seeping through the barracks above. Can you hear it?

Ears filled with cotton can not. Searing and sharp pains are felt by those in denial.

If it feels right: say it, do it. If it feels wrong: don’t do it, don’t say it. 

If it hurts, don’t block it out. Let it burn until the heat evaporates and dries out.

If it lights your soul, hold it, ignite it, illuminate it. Let it show, shine it through.

If your feet feel like lead, drop the weights, you don’t need them.

If you suffer from dis-ease, trying to ponder why won’t do. Instead, hope and pray.

Even if you don’t believe, you can still DO. That’s what I ask of you now. 

Please do. Only wait when conditions aren’t right. When the signal shines then DO.