Long Time Coming- F*ck this Facade

Don’t put me in a cage;

Don’t fight me while I’m enraged.

Forget your politics and religion;

Its not my decision;

To become a part of your lies;

While the world around me aches, cries, and dies. 

I’m not your fucking puppet.


I won’t follow your orders;

Because I don’t live in your quarters.

You’re not me and I’m not you.

Why do I say this? Because it’s true!

This pointless facade is a waste of time!

Are you going to sit there and argue while ignoring the endless crime?

Thwart me, convince me, convert me? Forget it!

Sure, you gave it your best, I’ll admit it.

Are you having fun over there getting your high;

While children, families, and adolescents get bullied, feel fear, or give up and decide to die?

What about the families you impact, or does that really matter?

What about the world who begs for your help, but you can’t hear them under your chatter?

Can’t you see that this is all a game?

Oh you can’t? Well isn’t that a shame.

Don’t worry for those who try.

I’ll stand by you even if you bleed, limp, holler, or cry.

Despite all of the world’s bullshit;

I’ll still be here to do what I can, even if I can’t fix it.

I’m a being of love; unconditional love and light.

I will shine with all my might.

For people who hate, bully steal, or have the intention to fool;

Fuck you and your standards, you fucking tool!


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