Alex Speak Behind the Scenes Randomness …. Wait, what?


Is this the smile dog?

The creepypasta?

Damn, wrong web browser… 

               A few months ago I had a massive creepypasta binge that involved ALL of the really classic tales. Ben Drowned, 1999, Candle Cove, The Cell Phone Game, Normal Porn For Normal People, Lost Episodes, you name it. However… one stuck out to me. It was After reading/listening to a few variations of the original creepypasta, I decided that I wanted to do some digging on the internet. I wanted to figure out where it came from and see if there was an animation that went from version 1 to version 2 of the image. Well… I found something that I wasn’t exactly looking for. So, the overall consensus of the story is that if you don’t spread the word of and the more you stare at the image as it changes to the devil-monster dog thing, you’ll go completely mad. Now… when I found the image above, I went mad… yes I went mad. I could not get away from this image!!! I died laughing whenever I looked at it, and I was like this for 2 weeks straight! My ex room mate thought I went completely nuts. And you know what, I think I did! I still can’t seem to find my marbles… 

By ASnowpasta

I'm just a crazy girl in an annoyingly 'sane' world. Navigating it through and through by following my own divine guidance. I have many passions in life and it all consists of my crazy dogs (rip Zuzu), Art, Writing and Poetry, Dream Analyzation, Everything and Anything Horror, Creepypastas, Music, Spirituality, Animals & Nature, all revolving within an infinite pool of love. I advocate for love and do not condone hate. I'm here to help, not hurt. Heal, not harm. Nothing can or will get in my way, success is within the palms of my hands.

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