Da Lovely Update


Hello! It has been a while since I have mentioned any ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. I thought perhaps it was time to tweak and update some things.

I’ll be honest, life has been tough lately. I’ve had a lot of wonderful, beautiful, and amazing things manifested into my life… as well as not so great things as well. I was faced with a fork in my path: I could either allow the change to drown me or push forward and have it inspire me. So.. I chose to let the gunk and beauty of life inspire me! So, without a do here are some of the things that are being updated:

*The Dream Gallery- The Dream Gallery is officially a page on Facebook. (Only serious inquiries please) If you have an interest in dreams, dream analyzation, meditating, vizualization, etc, please let me know. =)

*Creepypastas and Horror based Art/Writing- With my own Art interest growing and evolving, I am finding myself loving making horror and creepypasta based artwork (especially a lot of sharpie based art). I find much joy in putting my energy into things that I enjoy such as Art and Horror. I mean both are such a great combination, right?

*Colorful Affirmation- Every week I will have at least one post that has a colorful image with an affirmation, positive quote, or something funny to share. 

Anyway, this is all I have for now. I really hope you have a lovely day. ❤ 

Love. Light. Peace.

-Alex ❤

(All credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)

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