Coping Toolbox

6ed0e77e0f60fea4458d00821bbcfae5         It is no wonder that stress can greatly impact us in all ways. When faced with high stressors such as switching jobs, gaining and losing people, family and friend illnesses, death, loss, conflict, financial stress, bullying, etc, what can we do? There is hope. There are plenty of things we as individuals can do to cope with stress. 

          One of the ways we can cope is creating a well-being (coping) toolbox. Now, what exactly is a well-being (coping) toolbox?  It is nothing short but a personal, easy access resource for any individual to turn to during stressful times. It is full of personal items that bring us comfort, pleasure, and help us decompress from stress at any point in time. 

Here is how you make one:

  1. Get a box or container that can be painted, colored, decorated, etc
  2. Paint, color, put stickers, decorate the box or container in any way you’d like
  3. Fill it up with things that make you happy

Some examples of what can be put in the coping tool box can be:

*Your journal/diary

*Affirmation cards

*A list of positive things about yourself

*A list of things to do (bake cookies, go for a run, enjoy coffee with a friend, etc)

*Your favorite book, game, and or movie

*Your favorite CD

After you decorate it and fill it up, put it next to, under, or by your bed (or any place that feels comfortable to you) so you can reach it at any point in time.


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