World of Psych: Anxiety

210_2      Many people struggle with anxiety. For some, it is a constant daily battle. Trying to remember how you are safe and loved when the relentless mind will not let up. As the many neurons in the brain fire and pop with every moment causing uneasy surges that feel like a shaken bottle of soda ready to blow. It’s tiring, draining, and just plain annoying.

However, I want to make it clear that you, me, and just about every single person who lives with this on a day to day basis is not alone. Here’s something about me I have not talked about at all. I have severe anxiety. Especially lately with so much stuff going on. Reality is, even if it is good stuff, its still stuff. My growing mind and body have been trying to keep steady as the world around me shifts and changes. Sometimes for me, keeping pent up energy inside and going on like the energizer bunny leads to a panic attack. It happens on and off, but lately its been happening more often. I get so angry at my head for not shutting up sometimes. Arrgh! Anyway, like many of you, I do have good days and not so good days. Yet, despite the ups and downs, I push forward because there is so many good things in my life that a cherish with all of my heart.

I can not stress how important it is to create connections with other people as scary and overwhelming it can be. There are SO many people that are feeling and experiencing the same kind of anxiety that YOU are feeling. Also, if you know of anyone who is struggling, reach out to them. Loving, Sympathetic, and Empathetic connects have more of an impact on us than we could ever understand.

I send you all much love and light! ❤


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