Horror Lit?

Horror-Wallpapers-Poze-Horor-Desktop.jpg      I’ve had thoughts of taking on the task of writing creepypastas, dark poetry, or just plain random weird stuff. I’m throwing that idea out, just something other than:

One upon a time on a cold rainy night, endless tapping interrupts the deep sleep numerous times of the youngin. The parents within the room across from the youngin’s room seems to be unaffected. The closet creaks open with red glowing eyes. Suddenly a great mass of midnight hair flips through the window shattering the glass into fabrications of sand. The hairball destroys the house with one great scream. And then they all died.

Hahaha I don’t know! I literally just made that up because I am bored and energetic at 12:41 am. Oh well. I think it sounds like a fun thing to do. I love horror, writing, poetry, and art, so I can wrap it up like a delicious burrito with various flavors of awesomeness! Lets see how this goes…


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World of Psych: Depression


This seems to be something all of us who struggle with depression wish to fulfill, right? Well, its not always as easy as it seems. Lets face it, life can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. We get curve balls thrown at us without any of us expecting a sign. Drastic life changes, death, loss, illness, bullying, abuse, and many other factors play a role being the catalyst to depression. I’ve been going through it (and still do to this day). I’ve had sleepless nights, wishing it would all go away. I’ve felt paralyzed, unable to move feeling like a lead weight. And, yes I’ve had days where I feel as though I can’t function at all. My message to you is: I’m not perfect, you’re not alone. I’m struggling like how you are. 

Now, I’ve always been an advocate for anti-bullying, anti-self harm, and mental health awareness. With that in mind I MUST ask this question: have you or anyone you know have been discriminated, abused, or bullied because of struggling with Depression?

“Why don’t you get over it?”, “Lighten up!”, “You can do better than that.”, “You’re such a (debby downer, wet blanket, drag, lazy person, sap, etc).”, “Stop moping around, it’s not that bad!”, “There are people who have it worse than you.” …. I’ve heard just about it all and I’m sure you have too. I know there are MUCH worse comments than that, some of which I will not diverge into. I find it to be EXTREMELY appalling and disgusting that some people have said these things to others who struggle. But, you’ve got to feel sorry for individuals that are filled with such ignorance (which is not bliss) and unhealthy standards for living. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live that way. Ok, enough of that. Moving on! =)

True FINE definition

Next topic: I’m fine. Now, how many times have YOU personally said ‘I’m fine’ and actually meant it? Whether you realize this or not, saying ‘I’m fine’ has a very polar opposite definition compared to ‘I’m good’, ‘I’m doing well’, ‘I’m fantastic’. The truth is, personally it has been my flawed persona I have used not to bother or burden others who ask me how I’m doing. However, I have learned that true loved ones and friends will NOT consider you to be a burden, downer, a bother, or extra weight on their shoulders. They love you and will ALWAYS be there for you, no matter what happens. 

tumblr_ma6r4tZxV61rpis3bo1_1280Lastly, here is my message to you:

*You are loved, NEVER EVER forget that.

*You are worth it and deserve the best.

*You’re not a burden or bother to anyone (for anyone who tells you otherwise are NOT your true friend nor person you should be connected to).

*Reach out to others as much as possible. You DO NOT have to do this alone.

*It might not seem like it now, but things will get better! 

*Give yourself lots of TLC (Tender Love and Care) and time to heal, rest, recharge, and blow off steam.

*You’re not crazy, bad, stupid, evil, or any kind of negative connotation of which that is out there. You are beautiful and unique just the way you are. ALL PEOPLE ASK FOR IS FOR YOU TO BE YOURSELF. 


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World of Psych: Anxiety

210_2      Many people struggle with anxiety. For some, it is a constant daily battle. Trying to remember how you are safe and loved when the relentless mind will not let up. As the many neurons in the brain fire and pop with every moment causing uneasy surges that feel like a shaken bottle of soda ready to blow. It’s tiring, draining, and just plain annoying.

However, I want to make it clear that you, me, and just about every single person who lives with this on a day to day basis is not alone. Here’s something about me I have not talked about at all. I have severe anxiety. Especially lately with so much stuff going on. Reality is, even if it is good stuff, its still stuff. My growing mind and body have been trying to keep steady as the world around me shifts and changes. Sometimes for me, keeping pent up energy inside and going on like the energizer bunny leads to a panic attack. It happens on and off, but lately its been happening more often. I get so angry at my head for not shutting up sometimes. Arrgh! Anyway, like many of you, I do have good days and not so good days. Yet, despite the ups and downs, I push forward because there is so many good things in my life that a cherish with all of my heart.

I can not stress how important it is to create connections with other people as scary and overwhelming it can be. There are SO many people that are feeling and experiencing the same kind of anxiety that YOU are feeling. Also, if you know of anyone who is struggling, reach out to them. Loving, Sympathetic, and Empathetic connects have more of an impact on us than we could ever understand.

I send you all much love and light! ❤


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