Written in the Stars

Ok I’m scared as hell, but the book is out there now. I do hope everyone who has followed me, continues to follow me, and has personally connected with me will check the book out. It’s mostly finished. A little revision and editing is still needed, but it’s time. For whatever reason I felt this […]

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I wonder…

Is this right?

Is this wrong?

What does ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ mean?

I wonder…

Should, could, would, ought causes harm right?

A battle leading twards a clash between the ego and the soul?

What do all of these things mean anymore?

I wonder…

Is what we see on the media fact?

Or is it a fabrication of the truth projected by colorful static?

Why does it exist?

I wonder…

What is truth?

What is a lie?

What does ‘truth’ and ‘lying’ mean?

I wonder…

What is going on in my head?

What is going on in my heart?

Is any of this real?

I wonder… 

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