Dream Journal: #Dreamshare shorts

I dreamt that I was flying over the ocean and it looked like Japanese artwork. I even remember thinking that to myself at some point in time. Besides that, I don’t remember the rest. (Anonymous)


In one dream I had, I was running up a dirt road in my socks. I say to myself, “gee, why did I do this in socks”? Groups of people were coming towards me from two different paths ahead of me. Even though I was going up a dirt road, it did not hurt my feet. (Anonymous)


Last night, I dreamt that I was in a group of aliens, some of which had the ability to shape shift into different beings. I truly didn’t seem to mind of all the things that was going on around me. (Anonymous)


I do have to say that these were some very interesting dreams! The mind truly is a powerful (as well as an amazing) thing.


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