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Dream Journal: Dirt path

ragel-ranch-003I had many dream images this morning. There was a man; white middle-aged with a big ego. He kept saying things like “I am steel” or some slogan like that. There was a mechanical construct, like a sculpture made of gears and levers about the size of a swing set all in a vertical plane. I was running on dirt with bare feet. I got one thorn in my foot, took it out and kept running. The running felt good and I did this for quite some time. My room was sort of a pass through for people that came up a back ladder and went elsewhere. We wanted to move the ladder and I was looking out over property and making sure it was still going to be on our property.



(All credit belongs to original owner(s) of image)

By ASnowpasta

I'm just a crazy girl in an annoyingly 'sane' world. Navigating it through and through by following my own divine guidance. I have many passions in life and it all consists of my crazy dogs (rip Zuzu), Art, Writing and Poetry, Dream Analyzation, Everything and Anything Horror, Creepypastas, Music, Spirituality, Animals & Nature, all revolving within an infinite pool of love. I advocate for love and do not condone hate. I'm here to help, not hurt. Heal, not harm. Nothing can or will get in my way, success is within the palms of my hands.

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